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At Sponsor Spot, we are all passionate about connecting Event Organizers and Sponsors in a way that both entities can benefit. Our main focus is to help our, Sponsors get the exposure they need and Event Organizer the funding they need to successfully organize the Event.

Throughout the history, Event Organizers are required to work very hard to find Sponsors for their events and communicate with them to Sponsor their event. With the online platform we will make that process more easier as the tool itself has a build in capability to recommend Sponsors to the Organizer and vice versa.

Our Team

Meet Our Team

Ravi Patel

Ravi Patel


Our Mission

To provide a platform where Event Organizers connect with Event Sponsors. Sponsor Spot will help Individuals or Group of Event organizers match with companies that are willing to sponsor events and help companies gain Media Exposure, Networking, Brand Awareness and Recognition, Generate New Sales and Form New Business Partnerships and Popularity.

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