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Create a Sponsor profile to help us help you find the right events to fund.

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Look for events that are currently looking for sponsors using our filter based search function. The filers will help you quickly find the right events for you to fund without any hassle.

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Notify Event Organizers that you are interested in providing them sponsorship using our built in Interested functions. The algorithms will also recommend you to the event organizers based on our build in functions.


Communicate the necessary detail & contracts with the Event Organizers using our built in message and contracting functions.

Complete Transactions

Easily complete the transaction using a secured PayPal system.

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Sponsor another event and enjoy the fabulous results

Our Mission

To provide a platform where Event Organizers connect with Event Sponsors. Sponsor Spot will help Individuals or Group of Event organizers match with companies that are willing to sponsor events and help companies gain Media Exposure, Networking, Brand Awareness and Recognition, Generate New Sales and Form New Business Partnerships and Popularity.

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